lördag 16 oktober 2010

Många Macar

Varje år i oktober träffas scouter från hela världen på Internet under ett intensivt dygn. I Falkenbergs scoutgård samlades ett trettiotal scouter från Halmstad och Falkenberg och delade på godis och nätverk, medan de chattade med andra scouter från hela världen.
-Det var svårt att chatta på franska, säger Emma Ericsson, 14, som lånat brorsans Mac.
Isak Larsén är en av dem som får sina datorer i nästa veckas utdelning på gymnasiet, och hoppar mellan de olika datorerna.
-Det ska bli så skönt att få en Mac igen! Jag tycker det är svårt att använda PC nu.

Man har skapat ett tillfälligt trådlöst nätverk, och vissa surfar via telefonen eller på mobiltelefonernas Internet. Det fnissas och prasslas och tangenterna glöder av kommunikationsglädje. Vi snackar aktiv språkträning! Scouterna chattar med andra scouter från Storbritannien, Irland, Kenya, Island Finland, Kanada och många andra länder, mestadels på engelska, men flera gör tappra försök på språk de läst ett par år. Det är underbart att se hur de hjälper varandra med ord och kortkomandon. Kommunikationsglädje!
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4 kommentarer:

  1. What excellent organisation to get 30 laptops and internet for all the Scouts!
    One of these days I'll get our Scouts on JOTI. Glad all yours had fun!

  2. It helps when you live in a town where the council leases laptops for all its students between 12 and 15. :-)
    But I'm sure that it is entirely possible anyway. I chatted with a couple of boys on the Sunday from... oh, I forget, but they had 30 minute turns on the computers and when they didn't chat they did quizzes, learnt about Internet safety and how the computers work for their ICT badges.... I think that is what we'll do next year - In the new program we've got an ICT-badge! I'm so happy!!

  3. That would be an advantage!
    I do believe that talking about internet safety to the Scouts is very important as there are so many traps and potentially dangerous things out there on the internet.
    I am thinking of doing something for our parents as well. With the pace of technology moving so fast and new social media appearing all the time, people can easily miss some of the potential dangers.
    I did an internet safety course run on behalf of the Scout Association by Microsoft and they showed things that I wasn't aware of. And I'm supposed to know what I'm talking about!!

  4. Yes, the Internet is a vast and wonderful place, with many hidden swamps. And as you say, we could definately do something to reach the parents too! Some schools are fairly good at educating both children and parents about IT, the pros and cons, but many relies on that the parents know themselves, or the school staff doesn't know.
    Sometimes I find it amazing that Internet has only been around for 15 years - computers and the Internet has only been in my life for as long as my husband! Weeeelll, technically I had been using a computer before, but only for word-processing and only very little. I forget that people my age and older hasn't grown up with computers and it doesn't come as naturally as for my children, and I sometimes see that kids have a much sounder look-out on computers and the Net than we have: While we're amazed and sometimes flabbergasted in front of the screen, they find the computer a nifty tool to get what they want and use it instictivly, blocking out things that we get really distracted by.
    As we have chosen not to have any filters on our home computer, I've talked quite a lot to my children about things that sometimes "pop up".They are very intelligent, very open and very communicative. And they are reasonably computer literate. The amazing thing is that they don't seem to notice! Ah, there are so many thing that could be talked about!